Video Streaming

We build and maintain software solutions for video conferencing, video calls, screen sharing, massive video broadcast and webinars, evaluate and optimise existing video streaming software setups. Our media streaming server of choice for most clients is Kurento Media Server, which we know how to scale both vertically and horizontally. Wowza Media Server can be used in some use cases when it is a better fit.

Video Montage

We build software for combining video streams (as well as stored files) with one another, with still images, audio, pre-defined and data-driven animations. Raw video and audio data manipulation using ffmpeg, both as console utility and a set of C++ libraries, on any OS platform, server and client side. Custom filters for passthrough video manipulation.

Scalable Deployment Setups

Using public clouds, private clouds, containers on dedicated servers, and combination thereof for optimal cost management in view of base load/peak load variability. Years and years of hands-on experience optimizing cost and complexity for a range of customers - some of whom could not build a viable business with the solutions market already provided.

About us:

CODEDA is the team of highly skilled engineers with real-world technology experience specializing on video-related software development such as video conferencing, video broadcast, webinars and any type of video montage.

With over 15 years of IT consulting experience helping over a hundred of customers, we are ready to make for you applications/solutions by your specifications, evaluate and optimise of your existing video streaming setups and provide convenient and scalable delivery solutions.

We are available to provide a strategic consulting in any technology from our stack. Feel free to contact us by or live chat on this page - a qualified consultant will be ready to answer your questions online, no monkeys!

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