CODEDA WebRTC API platform. Potent server WebRTC tools set for video apps.

Set yourself free from media cloud costs
*which are worse than you think

We are a team of WebRTC developers with a strong 15-years experience in a video application building. And CODEDA WebRTC API platform embodies our best practices in creating high-load WebRTC web apps. The core features will cover most of the possible WebRTC use-cases for video

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Connect to any source

Receive data from any mic or webcam. Grab a stream from Open Broadcaster Software or any other RTMP source. Get a signal from landline phones.

Share screens and use VOD streaming during the broadcast

Diversify interaction with your audience with our screen sharing and media file playing features.

Mix captured streams in real-time

A unique mixing feature allows on-the-fly creating of a composite stream from any number of sources.

Make a live stream to any number of users

We paid special attention to load testing and achieved less than a second latency while broadcasting to over a million viewers simultaneously*

Publish streams to any destination

Our solution allows you to publish the results not only as a WebRTC stream but also to any RTMP destination. That means that you can additionally broadcast to social media such as YouTube or Facebook Live.

Record the results

Record the resulted stream or its components to your server or another preferred destination

Trusted by enterprises worldwide

On-premise WebRTC API platform benefits

Your server. Your rules

Use your own environment and keep end-to-end control of your video application development and deployment. Deploy to your own server or any popular cloud provider.

Elementary and well-described SDK

With just a few lines of code, you are allowed to build complex applications for CCTV, TV Shows, Video conferencing, E-Learning, etc.

One time payment. No additional fees.

We do not limit you in time, traffic, features, or anything else. You pay only once and get a complete solution for your needs. This allows us to be the most payback WebRTC API platform on the market.