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Video conferencing, or group video chat, is the currently most used type of video communication.

The Codedo server-based WebRTC API platform allows you to create complex web video conferencing applications in minutes. You can easily organize conversations between any number of participants from any voice or video source.

Why use WebRTC to develop web applications for video conferencing.

The WebRTC standard describes the easiest way to communicate between participants through browsers without using plugins, extensions, or additional software. At the same time, all data transmitted between conference participants must be securely encrypted by default.

That is, using WebRTC makes your video conferencing secure and easy access for participants.

And using the Codeda WebRTC API platform to develop your web application will save you a lot of time when trying to making stable group video chats with lots of participants.

What industries are WebRTC
video chats used in?

Below we have provided examples of some of the main industries in which video conferencing is used. But don't limit yourself to them. Our WebRTC APIs provide all the possible features for creating video applications of any nature.

If you need a turnkey video chat development, we offer full-stack WebRTC web application development services.

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Healthcare and Telemedicine

Improve the quality of medical services: build secure telemedicine applications for remote medical consultations and diagnoses fast. All sensitive information will be protected by default.

Hiring and Remote Working

Fast create web applications for organizing remote work with our simple JS API. Build robust and secure collaborative applications that will organize teams work across the globe.

eLearning and Webinars

Create large-scale platforms for mass learning using our WebRTC API. Use screen sharing, playing VOD, and file transfer features to engage students. The number of participants is limited only by your server.

Why use a Codeda WebRTC API platform for
web video chats development

Everything you need in one API

Create high-load video conferencing applications. Invite any number of participants. Interact using voice calls, share files and screens, play videos, and audios on demand.

Take full advantage of WebRTC

All forwarded data is AES-secure. All conferences are plugin-free of playback.

On your server under your control

No need to overpay for cloud solutions. Install our platform to yourself and use any features in any volume.

Trusted by enterprises worldwide