WebRTC Live streaming application development

Nowadays, massive live broadcasts are not exclusively the domain of TV. There are many platforms for streaming that do not require the broadcaster to have expensive equipment or any licensing.

The Codedo server-based WebRTC API platform greatly speedups and simplifies the development of live streaming applications. Streaming, restreaming, and multichannel video mixing are supported by default.

Why use WebRTC for live streaming applications development

There are many Internet broadcasting protocols. Among them, WebRTC is the most advanced technology, supporting all the most important features for live streaming. This is a sub-second delay, security of transmitted data, and native support in major browsers.

Wherein combining streams from several sources is a common task while developing a live streaming web app.

By choosing the Codeda WebRTC API platform, you will be able to mix an unlimited number of WebRTC, RTMP, HLS, and even VoIP streams into one. Or, if needed, you can additionally restream your broadcasting to such destinations as YouTube or Facebook Videos.

Anyway, we have already taken care of all the difficulties with video processing. All you need to do is write a couple of JavaScript instructions to build a high-quality live streaming application.

What industries are WebRTC
Live streaming used in?

As soon as live streaming became possible without the use of tons of devices, there were many industries where Live streaming became the mainstay.

And no matter what your application is about, the Codedo WebRTC API platform will suit any of your business goals.

Besides, if you are looking for WebRTC streaming development services, we are here to help.

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Why use a Codeda WebRTC API platform for
Live streaming development

All you need in one solution

Use the Codedo platform enhanced video mixing features to build high-load applications for mass composite streaming.

WebRTC as its best

Your streaming is AES-secure, plugin-free for playing, and with sub-second latency by default.

Full control with one-time payment

Don't pay extra for cloud services. Deploy at your server and manage your WebRTC structure on your own.

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