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With globalization, pandemic, and the upcoming 5G era, video chat has become the most popular type of communication application.

Our server platform allows you to create secure video chats for any purpose from just a few lines of code. You can calmly focus on your main goals with us. We have already solved all the problems with the video.

Why use WebRTC for VideoChat

The specifications of the WebRTC technology contain all the main features for developing modern video chat applications. First of all, we are talking about safety and speed.

For all data transmitted using WebRTC, by default, end-to-end encryption with a 256-bit key is provided. Also, WebRTC by default allows you to share the screen and transfer files.

Since WebRTC is supported by all major brands of browsers, only a browser, webcam, and microphone are needed for a chat.

Besides, our platform provides sub-second latency in video transmission up to 1080p quality.

Together, this makes the WebRTC technology ideal for creating web video chat applications.

What industries are WebRTC
video chats used in?

Nowadays, many important communications are conducted remotely. Below we've rounded up a few industries where video chats built with the Codeda WebRTC API platform make things easier and faster.

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Healthcare and Telemedicine

Our platform allows you to create a WebRTC solution that will significantly speed up processes within a medical institution.

Patients will be able to receive a quick and high-quality diagnostic using our video chat. And end-to-end encryption will ensure that patient data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Banking and Insurance

The high security of the transmitted data makes it possible to conduct remote interviews and KYC procedures. With us, you can easily create a WebRTC-based video chat solution that meets the strictest financial institutions' safety requirements.

Customer support

No more separate apps for a customer interaction! Use our platform to create a positive brand experience for your clients with customer care video chats.

Coaching and Education

Improve educational efficiency and deepen interaction between students and teachers around the world. Take advantage of WebRTC and our API platform to build personalized distance learning applications.

Why use a Codeda WebRTC API platform for
web video chats development

100% WebRTC

We provide full WebRTC functionality for video chats web apps development

100% Secure

Your data is end-to-end encrypted by default with a 256-bit AES key.

100% Your’s

You pay once and own your WebRTC infrastructure for life

Trusted by enterprises worldwide